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     It has been a long raised issue that our country, Japan, known as a country facing a rapidly aging society,  must solve this societal populational shift to be a role model for other countries that are considered to face the same problem.  With our product,  we finally reached the turning point where this matter can be solved. Our product can read amassed IC  tags and barcodes instantly, which has been thought to be impossible. We now can optimize human resources and the accelerating flow of things much more quickly. We do hope our product could be some help for a global society. 

     Our strength is what we cultivated in the medical field. Japanese hospitals and medical-related industries demand 100% quality no matter what, when, and how.  Where so many things gather at one point like hospitals have a problem with managing them. Our product "EQsys" is our answer to that question. To penetrate the market, we decided to found Seiken Medical Technology. Our experience in an intensely demanding medical field has made our product more accurate,  swift, and high quality. We are sure this technological invention will soon covert our views of controlling and tracking things. 


     RFID is still a small market expected to rise more. However, we are positive and confident that this technological innovation is key to society. We provide hard devices which can guarantee high-quality and best possible optimization of the flow of HR and things.

Corporate Identity 

​Be Bright, Joyful, and Open-Minded 

Our Mission

We pursue happiness in both products and hearts at the same time as dedicate to humanitarian, societal, and cultural developments.  ​


Have new technology,

Have clients proud of our product,

Have clients relieved to purchase it,

Have clients always love it,

Provide what we believe is the best

Seiken medical tech Members 

Professionals changing the market of RFID

Ryo Niwa

Intern Associate/ Interpreter 

Gifu University Applied biology major ​

*IGEM Gifu Chief Manager and Team Leader 

​     Ryo, our proficient data analyst, specializes in applied bioscience. He won world-class biology competitions held in the US. Seeming unrelated to RFID, his sophisticated knowledge in biology helps further dig up the potential of our product. 

*IGEM Gifu


Yuki Niwa

Intern Associate/ Interpreter

AMBS (Alliance Manchester Business School)

MSc. International Business and Management 

Scholarship Awardee

     Identifying with the idea of what RFID potentially can bring to the market in the future, Yuki plays an important role in a wide scope such as communicating with foreign clients and designing the webpage. His logical way of thinking helps the company to expand rapidly to global markets. His research coverage encompasses what cultural distance and institutional distance affect the globalization of corporate entities in Japan.

Daisuke Tagawa 


     When Tagawa took on the inventory management of medical materials in hospitals, he saw an untold amount of expired things such as medicines. He came to the conclusion that RFID would have the potential to better the current medical situation.  

     In 2004, he invented a tracking system for medical purposes and a picking cart combined with the system. The very next year, he exhibited the concept model of the solution in HOSPEX Japan.

     It has been 15 years since the first disembarkment of the project, watching out the market carefully. He now decided to take a real step forward by founding Seiken Medical Technology recruiting the sharp newly-employed. Tagawa is always looking at the out-of-the-box, taking an impartial stance on age, sexuality, race, and nationality. The real globalization of SMEs starts from here. 

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