Our History 

 The founder of Seiken Medical Technology, Yoshio Tagawa, who had committed himself to business related to medical purposes such as medical equipment first launched R&D project in RFID technology from 2004 on. He thought that technology could be applied to improve the conditions and problems that had faced hospitals. 

     Now Daisuke Tagawa was passed down the mission from the founder. Utilizing rich experience in the medical field that requires intensely precise and prompt delivery, Seiken Medical Tech ultimately applies accumulated craftsmanship and the latest technology born in Japan. 

     CEO Tagawa finally decided to divest other divisions in 2019 and made a drastic decision to focus on RFID. We are supposedly an only company in Japan, who specializes in RFID   field. 

Greeting from CEO

     When I took on the inventory management of medical materials in hospitals, I saw an untold amount of expired things such as medicines. I came to the conclusion that RFID would have the potential to better the current medical situation.  

     In 2004, I invented a tracking system for medical purposes and a picking cart combined with the system. The very next year, I exhibited the concept model of the solution in HOSPEX Japan.


It has been 15 years since the first disembarkment of the project, watching out the market carefully.


     I now decided to take a real step forward by founding Seiken Medical Technology, recruiting the sharp newly-employed. I am always looking at the out-of-the-box, taking an impartial stance on age, sexuality, race, and nationality. The real globalization of SMEs starts from here. 

About Corporation 

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